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South Africa
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MiclnGrace Studios

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MiclnGrace Studios is a production company based both in Los Angeles California and Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally founded as EWH, a Music Recording studio and Entertainment company in 2011. This brand quickly evolved to setting its sights on film production as a primary forte. To this day we maintain focus in producing innovative concepts particularly in Film and Entertainment.
Rogue Taze: Dark Moon
Action , Featured , Grace Norman , In Development , Mark Beasley , Michael 'Micl Snr' Norman , Unreleased
Circle of Lies
Grace Norman , In Development , Michael 'Micl Snr' Norman , Unreleased
Mistaken Identity
Action , Chris Lee , Drama , Feature Films , Featured , Grace Norman , In Development , Michael 'Micl Snr' Norman , Unreleased
Nabbed in the South
Dark Thriller , Feature Films , Grace Norman , In Development , Michael 'Micl Snr' Norman , Paul Lopez , Sandra Garcia , Unreleased

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Rogue Taze: Dark Moon

In Production

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