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Michael “Micl Snr” Norman

Director, International Filmmaker

Writer, Actor, Singer, And Entrepreneur

Michael Norman, popularly known as Micl Snr is the founder and owner of MiclnGrace Studios. Micl has exceptional artistic vision and creative skills not only in Filmmaking as a Director, he is a man of many talents and titles such as a Writer, Actor, Singer and Entrepreneur best known for his short film Next Assignment: The Club Owner (2016). He turned to his long awaited passion for filmmaking in his early 30’s.

He has extensive understanding of the Entertainment Industry as a whole, beginning from promoting artists in his late 20’s , running studios both from creative and technical point of views, right through to Directing Award Winning Films. Micl Snr has proved to be a solid and strong pillar of the company when it comes to realizing his vision, maintaining a positive spirit and confidence in his leadership skills.

Micl Snr has recently been awarded a 2018 HOLLYWOOD NEW DIRECTORS HONOURABLE MENTION AWARD, for his contribution to the Film Industry.

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