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Project X Marks the Spot

Project X Poster

Project X Marks the Spot

A corrupt Senator, billionaire and a Deadly Assassin, make a powerful and unpredictable impact in this exhilarating action short film “PROJECT X”. When all is controlled by money, the options of the innocent, become limited. Rogue Taze,  a deadly South African Assassin becomes an unpredictable threat after he learns of the hidden truth regarding his previous contracts and their association with the C.I.A.

A gorgeous young woman Camilla Milano, (Erika Smith) shows her quick-wittedness and true colors when she exposes the Project and finds herself becoming a target of assassination at the hands of her own government. millionaire, Marco Leandro (Eric Stayberg) finds a window of opportunity to capitalize, what happens next can only be imagined.

Find out more at projectxshortfilm.com

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