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Rogue Taze: Dark Moon Official Trailer #1

The first official trailer for Rogue Taze: Mission Dark Moon is out! Catch a glimpse of the deadly African assassin, Rogue Taze.

Project X-Marks The Spot

Watch our latest Short film trailer for the multiple Award winner Project X Marks the Spot

Our latest short action film Project X Marks the Spot has all the excitement and a bag of chips. Rogue Taze, a dangerous South African Assassin becomes unpredictably dangerous to his contractors and agency when he learns the hidden truth regarding his previous contracts and his secret association with the CIA. What happens next can only be imagined.

Next Assignment-Code Blue (Sizzle Reel)

Sizzle Reel of MiclnGrace Studios new action movie Next Assignment – CODE BLUE. Starring @Miclsnr

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